Green Fuels

In 2010 already the worldwide biofuel production reached 105 billion liters per annum and provided 2.7% (two comma seven percent) of the world’s fuel for road transport. Unfortunately, South Africa lags far behind. We are therefor exited that at long last the mandatory blend of renewables has been implemented from October 2015. It makes provision for a 2% (two percent) or 400 million litres per annum penetration level of biofuels in the national liquid fuels supply – revised down from the 4.5% blending target that was proposed in the draft Biofuels Strategy. It is a small step, but we are finally taking the steps to a sustainable future.

Our associate companies have been leaders in renewable fuel sources since 2007. This allows us to offer and promote green fuels as part of our core fuels. We offer green fuels to European standards anywhere in South Africa from as little as an additive up to a 100% B100.

Our products include:

  • Compound G as base additive
  • Bio-diesel blends B1, B5, B10, B20, B100
  • Ethanol
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