Fuel Price

The fuel prices in the RSA are regulated. Petrol is regulated to retail level and diesel at the wholesale level. The prices are adjusted every month to stay in sync with crude oil prices and the exchange rate.

We provide pricing on Diesel and Petrol delivered or collected wholesale to our clients on request.

Spot Price

Our virtual fuel program is a specialised offering on individual basis. The prices agreed here are influenced by size, terms, and the use of our in house fleet card. You can fill up all around the country at any of the virtual forecourts at the prices that you negotiate with us. You may also use our Xwena TM fleet card anywhere else but this would be at different prices.

Fixed Price

The virtual fuel program in conjuction with the JSE also offers fixed price fuel supply. These can be chosen at 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month intervals. These protect against runaway rates and allow you to make set margins on your efforts. This provides stability to any business.

To get current and historical Wholesale Energy Prices please click on the links provided.

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